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Article: What to wear for dance training?

Welche Kleidung brauche ich zum Tanzen?

What to wear for dance training?

The choice of clothing you wear when dancing not only affects your aesthetic appearance, but also you freedom of movement and the way you feel when dancing. This, in return, has a strong impact on your performance – if you feel good, you also look good. Here are a few tips on how to chose your clothes for dancing.
  1. The basics: Consider your dance style
The first step in choosing your dance outfit is to consider your dance style. Because each style has very different functional and aesthetic aspects. You've probably experienced feeling uncomfortable in your dance outfit during training. This is completely normal, because not every piece of clothing makes your movements look good and gives you the right feeling for the dance style. There is so much to tell about each individual style - In the next few weeks you will find more articles here that address the individual needs of each dance style. We at SYSTR have already put together a preselection and recommendations for different dance styles. Take a look at our selection for jazz dance or hip hop.


  1. Comfort comes first

Regardless of the dance style, your outfit should be one thing above all else: comfortable. Choose breathable materials that absorb sweat and allow for good ventilation. Elastic fabrics like Elastane are often a good choice because they conform well to the body and allow maximum freedom of movement.



Our leggings with 22% elastane are ideal for dance training. The best thing: with an extra finishing, it prevents you from picking up hair and dust from the floor. You will find this particularly useful in Contemporary, Jazz and Heels.


The Victoria Bodysuit allows you complete freedom of movement while providing the support you need to keep everything in place. Thanks to a fitted insert, the bodysuit flatters your figure and brings out your curves. The pads provide additional support and shape the breast, but can be easily removed.


Our training sweater has a cool oversize and drop-shoulder look and is particularly comfortable to wear, but also suitable for training itself (e.g. in hip hop) because the inner material is particularly light to make you sweat less.


  1. The right support

A classic bra is not recommended for your dance training. Sports bras are usually made from special, breathable materials. They are often seamless and have a special construction that minimizes friction and skin irritation. Regular bras may not be as well designed to withstand the strain and sweat of exercise and can feel uncomfortable and restrictive because they don't allow the same freedom of movement. When dancing, wearing a regular bra can cause uncomfortable chafing, rubbing, and even breast pain. A well-fitting sports bra reduces the risk of breast pain and possible injuries. Depending on your cup size and dance style or movements, different solutions may be suitable for you. We would like to introduce you to some of our designs.


The Alessandra Bra is a particularly aesthetic sports bra thanks to the deep back cutout. With its delicate straps, it is particularly elegant and is best suited for cup sizes AC and medium load. The integrated pads support the natural breast shape, but can also be easily removed.



The Alessandra top is ideal for all cup sizes. It has a particularly flattering fit and a lot of support and stability thanks to the integrated pads and the high-necked cut. The pads provide light padding and shaping for the chest, but can also be easily removed. The top allows optimal freedom of movement thanks to a V-cut below the armpits.



Our Seamless Bra optimally supports your breasts during training. The elastic waistband under the bust adapts individually to your body shape and the V-neck emphasizes the feminine and self-confident side of you. The bra is non-wired and made from ribbed material. It is suitable for medium physical activity and is also very nice as a more comfortable bra in everyday life.


training longsleeve_SYSTR_dancewear


The Victoria Seamless Longsleeve is not a bra, but has great support built in, which means your breasts are optimally protected and supported and no additional bra is necessary. The seamless long sleeve is the absolute all-rounder for dance training and can be combined in many ways. The seamless material fits like a second skin and impresses with its minimalist, elegant design.


  1. Accessories

Accessories can enhance your dance outfit, but less is often more. Make sure that jewelry and other accessories are not distracting or hinder your movements. A simple headband or a pair of subtle earrings can add a personal touch to the outfit without being distracting.


  1. Shoes: Finding the right balance

The choice of shoes depends largely on your dance style. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, sneakers or dance sandals - each pair serves a specific purpose. Make sure your shoes fit well, provide the support you need, and allow the flexibility you need for your dance moves. There are a lot of things to consider, especially when choosing high heels - should we write a blog article about this too?


Last words

Finding the perfect dance outfit requires not only a sense of style but also practical considerations. Your outfit should not only reflect your personality, but also be functional and support you in your movements. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and can concentrate 100% on the lesson during the class. We hope that you will find this in our brand.

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