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Self-love is one of the most powerful forces that can positively influence your life. But in the busy world you live in, you often forget to give yourself enough attention and affection. This blog...

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Achtsamkeitsübung für Tänzer

Mindfulness exercise for dancers

In a world characterized by volatility and change, it is sometimes a challenge to consciously perceive the present moment and to be truly present. My name is Laura, I danced ballet for 14 years and...

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Energy Management - Wertvolle Tipps für Tänzer

Energy Management - How to manage your energy as a dancer

Energy management is a crucial aspect of a dancer’s performance. This involves physical conditioning, energetic awareness, mental focus and emotional expression. Effective energy management not onl...

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Natürliche Hautpflege_Tänzer_BANYO

Natural skin care – before, during and after training

Regular exercise has some challenges for your skin. Sweat can strain the skin and lead to breakouts. In this blog article you will learn how, as an athlete, you can optimally cleanse and care ...

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Welche Kleidung brauche ich zum Tanzen?

What to wear for dance training?

The choice of clothing you wear when dancing not only affects your aesthetic appearance, but also your well-being and freedom of movement. These points in turn are directly linked to your performa...

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