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Article: Mindfulness exercise for dancers

Achtsamkeitsübung für Tänzer

Mindfulness exercise for dancers

In a world characterized by volatility and change, it is sometimes a challenge to consciously perceive the present moment and to be truly present. My name is Laura, I danced ballet for 14 years and today I focus a lot on mindfulness in my work as a coach- in this article I combine these two worlds.


As a dancer, you live for the rhythm, the movement of your body and your expression.


Do you sometimes think too much about the choreography or your technique and your attention is more in your head than in your body?


A mindfulness practice can help you to consciously connect with yourself and your body.


Here is a really helpful exercise for you:


  1. Prepare yourself.

Put on music if you like. Sit quietly for a moment, close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing. Breathe in and out deeply to arrive in the present moment. Imagine in your mind how all worries and expectations flow out of you.


  1. Anchor yourself.

Stand and feel the ground beneath your feet. Close your eyes again and imagine roots growing from your feet deep into the ground beneath you. You can also imagine your energy flowing through your feet into the ground while simultaneously traveling up your spine.


  1. Move.

Start dancing and try to consciously feel every movement in your body. How does the rotation feel? How does it feel when your arm moves through the air like that? Always bring your attention to the present moment and your body.


  1. Pause.

Take a break from exercise every now and then. Pause, close your eyes, breathe deeply and feel the movements. This way you strengthen your connection to your body even more.


  1. Let it work.

Finally, take a moment to sit and reflect on what this exercise has done for you. Maybe you feel contentment, a deeper connection to yourself, or something completely different.


Why is mindfulness important?


Mindfulness supports our mental health. By consciously placing our attention in the present moment (and less in the past or future), we feel less stressed and we can better focus on what is important to us at the moment.

As a systemic coach, I can support you to resonate more with you and to better deal with the challenges that our lives sometimes bring with them.

With love,



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