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Article: Energy Management - How to manage your energy as a dancer

Energy Management - Wertvolle Tipps für Tänzer

Energy Management - How to manage your energy as a dancer

Energy management is a crucial aspect of a dancer’s performance. This involves physical conditioning, energetic awareness, mental focus and emotional expression. Effective energy management not only helps you to be able to deliver a consistent, captivating & energised performance but also minimises the risk of injury!

Within House of Mari the training is focussed on how you as dancers & artists can use energy management to the benefit of your artistry as well to be used in your daily life.

Here are some key aspects of energy management in dance from my perspective:

  • Physical Conditioning:

Dancers must maintain a certain level of physical fitness & endurance, depending on your goal as a dancer, to sustain the energy that is required for your training or performances. Regular strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, stretching & mobility are essential to build and maintain the necessary stamina and support your body.

  • Rest, Recovery & Regeneration:

Between training & performances it is super important for dancers to find moments to rest and recover so the body can regenerate itself. Tension and fatigue can hinder your performance and increase risk of injury.  You have active and passive regeneration methods. For example  stretching and massages can help maintain energy levels. But also going for a walk in nature or going swimming. Sleep is particularly important for restoring energy levels and allowing your body to repair itself.

  • Nutrition and Hydration:

Proper nutrition and hydration are essential for dancers  to sustain their energy levels. A well balanced diet that fuels your training properly, and good hydration will support your training, performance  & recovery.

  • Breathing:

Proper breath control is very helpful and most important to maintain energy levels.  It fuels your body and energy and without proper use you will be drained of your energy before you know it!

  • Effort & intensity:

Different dance styles also have different intensities of movement. Learning to make a difference in movement quality & intensity like understanding when to use your full power and when you can slow down a bit, will help you to keep your energy regulated and perform better.

  • Technique:

Proper dance technique, in all styles, makes sure that movements are executed efficiently which helps your body to unnecessarily lose energy. This will also support your body to minimise possible injuries. Like I always say, knowing WHAT you do & HOW you do it will support your energy!

  • Work with Intention:

Concentration and mental focus will help your mind stay calm and cost your body less energy. Trying to stay in the moment and trust your intention.

  • Self-awareness & feedback:

Teachers & choreographers that you work with will give you feedback to work with. Self-awareness and the ability to adjust based on the feedback that you get are important for improving your energy management.

  • Judgement free:

Build a community for yourself & your fellow dancers!. The dance world can be very judgemental, if not in our own heads to ourselves! Treat yourself with the respect and love you would treat your best friend with! This will help your energy in your body to feel safe and therefore optimise your training & performance!


How you manage your energy as a dancer will benefit you in so many ways. You will be able to connect more with yourself and others in an empowered and authentic way.


Are you curious to learn some tools and how to use them in practice? You are always welcome to join my training!


With Love & Energy,


Mari Anne - House of Mari

© copyright by HOUSEOFMARI

Photography by Nicolette Horn


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